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What Does Cold Chain Mean To You?


The cold chain process insures that all perishable products are properly climate controlled throughout the entire distribution process. From initial pick-up through final delivery, we guarantee that the Cold Chain is never broken.

Some Cold Hard Facts

The condition of meat and seafood deteriorates and bacteria multiplies whenever ambient temperature changes. For this reason, we use only pre-cooled trucks when handling your merchandise, eliminating the chance of exposing your perishables to the elements at time of pick-up or delivery.

Keeping It Cold…Keeping It Fresh

  • Our quality-controlled process maximizes the life of delicate products by maintaining consistent temperatures.
  • Our trucks and storage units are continuously monitored for temperature using technology that senses even the slightest change. If a change is noticed – back-up systems are employed.
  • Products are stored in appropriate varying temperature controlled environments.
  • Meats, Pork and Poultry are stored at temperatures below minimum
  • Seafood is inspected daily on arrival, then stored in a separate room.
  • Warehouse freezer runs at –10 degrees F.
  • All orders are staged on a refrigerated dock and our pre-cooled trucks are backed up to a sealed door.
  • Truck reefers run throughout the day

Do you know where your seafood comes from? If it doesn’t come from AGAR, you can’t be sure.