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Poultry and Chicken Wholesale Distribution

Independent Massachusetts restaurants and grocery stores enjoy the service and chicken and poultry product selection from Massachusetts top poultry supply and supermarket supply source. is the Web site of New England's largest independent wholesale distributor for restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, caterers and other foodservice businesses. Agar distributes companies in New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Agar Supply's clients insist on the highest quality foods to give them an edge and to please their customers. A Call our helpful, professional food sales team to discuss your beef supply requirements.

Chicken Products

Agar Supply supplies the following Poultry items: Whole Chickens, Cut-up Chicken, Chicken Breasts, Chicken Legs, Boneless Breasts, All-Natural Chicken, Portion Control Breasts, Poultry Offal, Cookin Good, Cooked Chicken, Frozen Turkey Parts, Tray Pack, Fresh Turkeys, Fresh Turkey Parts, Chicken Wings, and Roaster Parts.